Restrict SSH with Cloudflare Access & WARP client

Hello there,

I’m at a bit of a loss here.

I’m trying to restrict SSH access to my servers using cloudflared and the Cloudflare WARP client but I seem unable to do so.

I’ve followed the installation guide here without any issues but I haven’t managed to block SSH connections to WARP.

I’m basically trying to use WARP as a VPN client if it makes any sense.

I also tried blocking the SSH port and using the tunnel hostname to connect with the Termius client but it failed.

I’m pretty sure I am doing something wrong but I truly have no idea what that could be.

did you remove the IP from the excluded list? (in the split tunnel settings)
for me I use cloudflared executable with public host name and policy Warp + Gateway to restrict it to WARP

not sure what your setup configuration is but this is how I do it
Add to tunnel private network, then on the WARP settings set split tunnel to Include then add to the included list, then (my raspberry pi local IP address) should work (need to be on a different network or else u will need to disable WARP)

not rlly sure what if you’re connected to a public wifi that also has a device with IP since I tried that on my own network and it hung (got stuck)