Restrict member access to specific domain


Can I set a member to access specific domain only? I have multiple domains but want to give some members only specific domain.


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Yes, this is possible. The Cloudflare Access system allows a lot of flexibility with what specific groups of people can access and also what they can’t.

You can create access policies that restrict:

  • access to entire subdomains
  • access to entire domains
  • access to sub folder (eg. wp-admin)
  • combination of the above^

And yes, you can set it to where only some members can access certain access policies. When creating an access policy, you can set the “policies” section to only allow in [email protected], so [email protected] can’t access anything behind that policy.

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Can Cloudflare Access actually be used to give a Member access to a specific domain on Cloudflare? This is, using the Cloudflare dashboard / member system?

:wave: @jesse.noh,

Can you clarify where / what this member has access to? Is this a website? Administration in Cloudflare? What are you trying to achieve?


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