Restrict access to domains & sub-domains to specific users

I have a few domain such as

  1. myfirstwebsite
  2. mysecondwebsite

I am using Free tier of Cloudflare.

What I am looking to achieve is restrict access to sub-domains of these such as one.myfirstwebsite
, two.myfirstwebsite, one.mysecondwebsite & two.mysecondwebsite to specific registered users.

Is there a way to achieve this? I am new to Cloudflare. I have looked around to the best o my abilities. However, not found an answer yet. I’d appreciate any help/clarity

When you say access - do you mean access to administer it via the Cloudflare dashboard? If so - it’s possible using Subdomain Support however that’s an Enterprise feature:

That allows you to set up each subdomain as an entirely separate website and then you can invite different people to manage the account that domain lives in. We’re also working on more flexibility here, too.

If you mean just locking down web access to those hostnames - you can do that using Zero Trust:

Hello Simon,

Many thanks for jumping on to help. Apologies for not clarifying.

I am more looking at a user based access kinda thing where say I can add a user by email ID to “somewhere” within Cloudflare say which subdomain/domains that user can access. BAsed on this the end-user can browse that subdomain.

Example - By default one.myfirstwebsite shouldn’t be accessible to any end user. Say I provide a user [email protected] access to the sub-domain, that user should be able to access it. So, I need a way to add user by email or whatever else to the subdomain for starters & then also disallow acess to everyone that is no on the allowed list.

I am open any complicated idea as long as I can achieve this please.

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