Restrict access to content on blog to members only

I started writing a blog using a simple blogging platform that is still being developed. It integrates well with all of my other tools so I don’t want to install Wordpress or any other CMS.

All my content is currently public.

I have the ability to publish more in-depth content to a specific category if I want.
I could call that category something like “dsf34nruifeiuanfdfss” and restrict search engines from indexing it.

Is there a way that I can use CloudFlare to

(1) proxy that content into sitename/members
(2) only make it accessible to users who have become member, like $12 per year?

Any way this can be achieved?

You can use zone lockdown to restrict access to certain parts of your domain, but you will need the pro plan or higher.

Do you mean that I would lock down the origin zone with member content to a CloudFlare IP address that can then proxy it in?

I’ve seen there is token authentication, but at Enterprise Level ($200/mo) that’s way above my budget.

Zone Lockdown is not a feature for OP’s use case.

You might need to take a look at Cloudflare Workers - which allows you to write your own code and run on Cloudflare. I’m not sure whether this is achievable, but you may give it a try.


Token Authentication for Cached Private Content and APIs ( is the most typical way customers approach this.


Thanks for your reply.

It looks like that’s the solution. For authenticating a blog it’s too costly a solution though.

Maybe an idea for CloudFlare to create some solution like this as they do for WordPress optimization at $5/mo per domain (and maybe a cut of the profits) later on :-).