Restrict access through the WARP client

Hi all,

I have a tunnel setup using cloudflared.
I want to allow access to that tunnel using the WARP client.

I followed guidelines from CF support and created Device enrollment rules but for some reason, any email I use I receive a login code access is open to anyone.

I want to restrict who can authenticate using the WARP client.

Can you help me?



@evangelos.patsalis Can you please provide the zone that this tunnel exists on? What are the specific rules that you created called. That you are utilizing to restrict the tunnel access using the WARP client.

Do they actually receive the code or does the UI just not throw an error when you try? Not throwing an error is by design.

They actually receive the code, they can login and then the tunnel is available and working for them.

oh and thank you for your reply.

Thank you for replying here.

What do you mean the zone that this tunnel exists on?

Your rule should include the email addresses you want to allow (if you want to manage a specific list of users) or the domains you want to allow any user to log in from. An example of each of those criteria is included below. Set it with one or the other of those with no other conditions and as the only rule before trying anything more complex.