Restoring deleted DNS records

Hi there,
The DNS records of my domain have been deleted from Cloudflare accidentally. I want to restore the previous DNS records exactly; I’ve added the site again and trying to add DNS records but struggling to do so as I forgot them.

Can you please tell me how to restore the previous DNS records from Cloudflare system?

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There’s no “Restore”, but you can check the Audit Log at the top of to find the events where this occurred. If you click on the event, it will show you the data that was removed.


Thanks for your reply. I have checked the Audit log’s deleted data but there’s no DNS records which have been deleted. Is there any other way to find the deleted DNS records?

Are you sure you’re on the right account? Audit logs go back 18 months, so they should be there.

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Yes, I’m on right account and I can see the “Deleted Data” but there’s no DNS RECORDS in the “deleted data”!


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