Restoring accidentally deleted DNS records

After my nameservers finished propagating, I was informed that the DNS records (A & CNAME) were accidentally deleted. How can this be corrected?**

If you deleted it within the Cloudflare Dashboard, you can review your Audit Logs:

Look for “Rec Del”, They will contain the full old record. You can filter by zone/domain name as well.

If you just switched over to Cloudflare from another DNS Host, you could also potentially copy the record from them.


Thanks so much for your response, Chaika! Can you please tell me how to navigate to “REC DEL?”

There’s no way to filter to just record deletions. You can find Audit Logs under Manage Account → Audit Logs, you can input your domain, but you’ll need to scroll/swap through pages until you find the deletion event you’re looking for

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