Restoring access to our account

Good afternoon.
We are the owners of a website hosted on The employee who developed our site left us. Can we restore access to our content? What actions do we need to take to do this?

If your employee signed up with their company email address (, you could reset their email password, log into their email account, then do “forgot password” on CF.

Otherwise, if you have access to the registrar for the domain, you can just create a new Cloudflare account and change the nameservers to the new ones CF provides. You would need to re-configure all of the CF settings but it would result in having access to the domain again.


You could just ask them to log on to Cloudflare and transfer the super administrator role to somebody else? It’s the least disruptive thing to do.


The problem is that the employee who developed our site is not available, perhaps he is in another country.
We don’t know what data he used to register his hosting account.
We have a username and password to the CMS installed on our hosting. But the administration page is not available, and a porn resource appears instead. Therefore, it is possible that our hosting was hacked and the password was changed.
In addition, we can provide documents for the organization, information about which is on the site.
We have access to the phone number listed on the site and the address [email protected]
Can this help us restore access?

Of course, this is an easy way, but we don’t have the site’s source files. Therefore, we can’t transfer its contents.

Cloudflare does not host the contents of the website either way - you’d need to contact your host about the malware you mentioned.

CF won’t give access of an account to someone who isn’t in control of the email on the account, so your only path forward is to either create a new CF account or go to a different DNS provider - either way, you need to change the nameservers away from what they are now so that you regain control. of the DNS. Your webmaster can help with this if they know how DNS works and how to transition from one provider to another.

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