Restoring access to hosting

Hi. on we have hosting, the person who hosted the hosting has died, how to restore access? we only have access to the domain, we can confirm by adding a txt record to the domain

I’m sorry to hear that, you will be unable to recover access to the Cloudflare account without access to the email address used. If you have access to the domain, you can create a new account and set up the site there.

It is unlikely that Cloudflare is actually hosting the site and it is probably proxying it from another host. You may find historical DNS data from services like useful to try and track down where that may be or you may have to look through invoices if you have those.

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Hello, yes, this year has been difficult for the whole world. Thank you for the hint on site analysis . According to his data, my site it is located on your servers. My employee died, unfortunately this happens and I am very sorry. But he took with him all the access to the site and all the bills that he paid on his own. But besides him, I have other people who need to pay salaries and for whom I am responsible.

Please enter the position and consider this application as an exclusive case.

You can call any number on the site or write to any email published on the site - you will be confirmed that I am the owner. I can write an official letter on the letterhead of the organization, signed and stamped if necessary. Please help me restore access to my site.

Looking at the historical MX records for, it appears that both REG.RU and Yandex have hosted email for at some point in the past. It is possible the website itself is hosted at one of these providers. I recommend you contact both REG.RU and Yandex and ask if they provide web hosting services for If yes, they may be able to recover access. It is quite a shot in the dark but I believe it is your best bet at the moment.

Thanks for the hints. Yandex is only a mail service. On we had this site for a very long time, then moved it to you(

How do I get into the admin panel ? (I have access to mail if necessary)

Cloudflare sits in front of websites and protects them against attacks. When a user visits your website, they first connect to Cloudflare. Cloudflare then forwards the request to your website host.

User -> Cloudflare -> Website

This is why online tools say that Cloudflare is your host, even though that is not true.

Then there is a good chance REG.RU is still your website host. I recommend you contact them and explain your situation. Please understand Cloudflare cannot help as they are not your website host.

Hello. Please explain how then your NS servers and A records got into the domain information. If you don’t have it.

The DNS provider is not necessarily the same as the hosting provider. Cloudflare proxies requests to your hosting provider but they do not host your website. Online tools may say that Cloudflare is your website host even though it is not the case.

It is likely that REG.RU is still your hosting provider. I recommend you contact them and ask for help with account recovery.

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