Restore site config post domain expiry/renewal


it appears that after one of my domains expired - in the time windows until I renewed it - my whole site config at cloudflare got deleted.

Is there any way - even if it’s a paid one - to get the entire site config restored?

It feels hard to believe that this is simply gone. Given the magnitude of config options to run more and more routing- and hosting-related services via cloudflare, I don’t have the slightest of ideas re what I configured under each individual feature back in the days. How can this simply get deleted?

I can only hope that cloudflare would usually have warned its users of this to happen. In my specific case, the email address registered at cloudflare was actually tied to that specific domain - as such, I did not receive any heads-up (uncareful me)…

Is there anything I can do to get a “site” with all its config restored at cloudflare?
I still cannot believe this gets deleted in a time window that’s shorter than the usual 30 day restore cycle for an expired website…

Thank you for your help!
Best, Michael

If it was a paid account before the expiry, then it wouldn’t be removed. But free accounts are tidied up quite quickly.

When nameservers change away from Cloudflare, an email is sent so you should have had warning.

You can try the audit log to see if there’s any relevant information there…

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While neither of these can help you now, they could be useful once you have reconfigured your domain in Cloudflare.

It may be worth looking into using Terrraform to store configuration data.

It is also possible to export the DNS zone file.

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