Restore only my ip

can I set a rule that not change ip only for my dedicated IP?
I have roles on my htaccess with my ip and with Cloudflare not works
thank you

Which IP address are you talking about? I assume you are referring to, right?

Can you provide some examples of what you want to achieve?

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my ip is,
I have a subfolder with htaccess:
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from

but clouflare change my ip and I show error 404

You need to restore the client’s IP addresses as shown in the previously posted article.

is not possible restore only my ip?

No. You can only change your configuration in a way that it does not validate the client’s IP address but the header sent by Cloudflare, but I doubt that would be remotely easier.

If your intentions are to block everyone but your static IP from a particular folder or web app, you could simply create a Firewall rule
URI Path contains /wp-admin
IP Address does not equal

Then Block

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