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Hi, we need to restore full access to one of our Cloudflare accounts.
The reason for this is that email used as login for that account ({redacted}) does not exist any more (domain is on sale on Godaddy). And the person who managed forgot password.
So we cannot recover it easily by email.

We have another member with “Admin” rights, so we moved domains we are owning to another account, but still there is some domain we manage Cloudflare things but not the DNS zone.

So - as we cannot move it - we need to restore access. The account in question ({redacted}) has 2FA enabled and phone should be accessible by our employee. Also I believe all the payment details (credit card) are from our organization. Could you use that info to get access for us and change the unexistent email.

Could you unhide and help me. The topic requires Cloudflare support team, or do you think community can resolve such cases?
Pls advice, do you have any restoration procedure if account’s email is not working anymore (no MX record)?

Hi @user13669,

If the email address on the account is not working at all and there is no way for you to receive/send from that address then it is unlikely that Support will be able to help you to recover this.

I’ll escalate this to check if they can help you, but unfortunately I think the answer will be no.

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If the email was working, it is unlikely that I would post it here or need any help. :slight_smile:
Obviously it’s not something that you can help with, unless “MVP’19” gives any privileges here. Just waiting 72 hours for “MoreHelp”, or if you could escalate faster, would appreciate your help.

I already have, as I said.

I wouldn’t really expect that to do anything anyway.


Thank you, though if you are in a situation when your email is not accessible, but has your phone linked and credit card, think it’s obvious that something can be at least done, without compromising personal data.

Hopefully they will not just stamp it “rejected” based on your suggestions :slight_smile:

I’ll escalate this to check if they can help you, but unfortunately I think the answer will be no.

@user13669 If you do not have access to the email anymore then we would suggest transferring the domains associated with that user to another account since you own these domains. To change an admin to a super admin, you will be required to have access to the super-admin account. You can find more information here -
I would suggest resetting the password on the super admin email if you have access to the email domain.

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@tobi gathering more info for you, will update

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