Restore a universal edge certificate / test of custom certificate

I have this following case, I would like to use a let’s encrypt certificate for my Client / Cloudflare communication. I followed the guidelines, created a certificate pair and updated it in the portal.

After this I have the custom (Let’s Encrypt) and the universal (Cloudflare) certificate in the portal. In order to force the custom Cert (Let’s Encrypt) I need to remove the universal certificate. So far so good but now some questions appear I do not find an answer for, hope someone can help:

1.) is there a way to validate the custom (Let’s Encrypt) certificate without removing the universal ?
2.) if I remove the universal cert, can I get it back or get a new one - just in case something is not working with the Let’s Encrypt certificate.

tks a lot

Hi @sven.baecker,

Is this using the Custom SSL Certificate feature on Business plans or above, or using the $10/month Advanced Certificate Manager?

In general, either should be used before the universal cert so you shouldn’t need to disable it unless you don’t want Cloudflare to fall back to the universal cert in case of an issue/expired cert.

Not sure what you mean here, is this with the Advanced Certificate Manager? You should be able to validate it and renewal should be automatic and unrelated to the universal cert.

Yes, if you disable Universal SSL at the bottom of the Edge Certificates page, you can always re-enable it and a new cert should issue.

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