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Hello CloudFlare Community,

Cloudflare is active when I receive such errors in WordPress. The error is going when I turn off. We love to use CloudFlare, but help me to lift this error, I believe you will help me.

Check the errors I received when CloudFlare is activated, I sent you as a picture, please check and help.!

May I ask does it mean, when you temporary Pause cloudflare for your site, the error still persists and is shown or rather error is gone?

Second screenshot offers some great ideas to check, also what to look up for when troubleshooting.

What have you done so far if I may ask?

May I ask is your Wordpress website / domain using a Cloudflare Pro plan and Managed WAF Rules?

What else is shown in the Developer Console of your Web browser (F12 on Chrome/Firefox), if so?

Are you hosting on your own or rather using some integrated partner like, WP Engine, etc.?

Furthermore, as it says the REST API is being disabled obviously.
Are there any plugins running which potentially disabled it, like security plugins (mentioned Wordfence?), or some other?

Do you see any blocked requests in the Firewall Events of the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name?

Have you got some custom-made Firewall Rules active?

Have you got Bot Fight Mode option being enabled in the Cloudflare Dashboard?

Siteniz için CloudFlare Duraklat, Hatalar Sorun Gidiyor

I switched to another server company, changed the server control panel, WordPress has been completely reset, but the problem is relating to CloudFlare.

Pause Cloudflare for your site, the error doesn’t seem

Zero Clean Load Add-ons were deleted, but the error is CloudFlare.

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