Rest api from andriod mobile application not working

Hi, I am using codeigniter
my android and Ios mobile application worked fine before adding Cloudflare DNS .
when i add Cloudflare DNS
my website is working fine and also when i test my API through postman working fine
but when i use mobile application . my apps are not working
i debug also it give network failed errors means API is not getting anykind of response.

Please help me out in this matter

May I ask if you have checked for any firewall events, for example the request(s) possibly being challenged or blocked under the Security → Firewall tab? :thinking:

Does it work over HTTP/1.0 version or?

Is it the JSON formatted, or?

I checked that also nothing there

It work over http

Yes all data return are in json format.
And login feature also

Please check postman header and result its working fine on postman with Cloudflare on real android mobile app its not working without Cloudflare DNS working fine

Hi, Anyone can help me in this matter i need help on urgent basis

Any success

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