REST API and loopback errors Wordpress

The site health check in Wordpress is showing two errors that I’ve identified directly relate to Cloudfare. These errors are wreaking havoc in the admin of my site. Posts won’t save, media won’t upload, logging in as a chore with a constant loop, deactivating and saving settings in any plugin take multiple attempts to complete, making changes to the menu takes an act of Congress and on and on.

The two errors are:

The REST API encountered an unexpected result

Your site could not complete a loopback request.

I did read the post Updating worker route via REST API and I have a SSL certificate provided by Cloudfare for my origin server that’s active (though my server indicates the certificate is invalid).

Turning off Cloudfare altogether resolves these issues. Turning it back on brings them back. I’m not sure if this is my Cloudfare configuration or what exactly is causing this problem but it’s been going on for awhile and I mistakingly thought it had to do with the Wordpress optimization option under “speed” and/or the Cloudfare plugin but it’s not. It’s Cloudfare in general.

I’m at a loss as how to fix this.

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