Responsive Images and CDNs

I’ve been a happy CF customer for a number of years. For the last few years, I’ve been using imgix for image compression / resizing / format presentation, because there’s just way too many formats and sizes to manage manually. While I like what imgix does, I’m bothered by the fact that the images are hosted on their CDN. Which means I have to have a number of DNS requests each time a page is called.

To me, a better solution would be to have the images hosted at CF, so I eliminate all these DNS requests.

I’m used to a workflow similar to what ZenCoder does for video files: I have a pickup folder (in this case at AWS), and it monitors the folder. When a file is posted, ZC grabs it, converts it into a number of formats (which I have preconfigured), then sends the pile of files back out to a completed folder which I then just point to using web page coding.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas as to a better solution for images as to a third party conversion service that would allow me to push the conversions back to CF?

If you are looking for Cloudflare to host the images, as well as do the performance elements, you might want to check out the Cloudflare Images Beta.

Alternatively, you can use the Image Resizing feature and/or Workers to do the resizing, compression etc., but you need hosting elsewhere (even S3 bucket hosting is enough).

cc @zaid

This beta looks promising. Didn’t know it existed. Thanks for sharing.

If you signed up for the beta, drop me an email at zaid at cloudflare and we’ll see if we can get you in.

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