Response to Michael MVP'20 (Problem adding name servers to .ie domain)

Hope you get this reply to your comment Michael …Sandro closed the thread before I could reply to you…I would greatly appreciate any light you could throw on the subject.

Hi Michael, thanks for your response glad to hear you are not having a problem with .ie domains. When I went to change the nameservers in my hosting company dashboard. There system allowed me to enter them but each time I tried to save them I got an error message.

“Your DNS change has failed as your hosting provider has not made their DNS servers “Authoritative” for your domain. Please contact the company that provided these nameservers for assistance.”

When I approached the hosting company (Hosting Ireland) about the problem. They informed me that this was a regular problem they came across with cloudflare and .ie domains. They said I would need to go back to cloudflare and that they needed to so something on their end to make it work…and the strange thing about it is in cloudflare’s response to my query (generic email) they seemed to be confirming the same thing ie. here is a paragraph from the email response they sent

“Moving nameservers on some European registrars requires configuration changes by Cloudflare - if you are using an European registrar please reply to this email for technical support follow up.”

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