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I have Pro plan and ARGO activated, and I want to get response time under 10 MS but seams not possible no meter what I do.

I use static html page with almost zero content to test but I’m getting minimum 60ms from US and 250+ from brazil as example.

I see pages using cloudflare and have 7ms for usa and 40ms for brazil, how they do this ?

Is this because of business plan ? I should upgrade to get same result ?

***Update - Using last nginx optimized ssl configs!! Hosting is Digitalocean 4CPU



how do you test it?


Using gtmatrix and chrome network tool, I’m talking about Wait time


Also I thought upgrading to pro will improve but nothing improved!!! Argo helping I think not very much but still helps


where are you seeing 10ms? seems like a bug…

anyway other plans does not gonna help you with this and I don’t think there is anything you can do to achieve it


I’m talking about wait time.



They both using cloudflare, I have try everything on server side varnish,nginx,ligthspeed and so on minimum wait time which I have got is 35ms but still 3 times more then other sites


The distance from Rio to NYC is 7754 kilometers. Round trip that is 15,508 kilometers. At the speed of light that round trip takes > 51ms. Even if the origin server and router at each hop introduced 0ms of latency it is not possible that Cloudflare (or any other provider) is retrieving content from a Digital Ocean server in the US and returning it to a user in Brazil in under 40ms… it defies the laws of physics. Much more likely is that either the servers are co-located much closer to the PoP the content is being served from or (even more likely) they are using a cache everything page rule to store the content on Cloudflare’s edge.


First of all Thanks a lot for response!!!

can this because of railgun ? this is first byte response how I understood

I’m not talking about connection,ssl dns and so on.

in my niche 80% of sites have same under 20ms all… while maximum what I can get is 35ms, so they are using something what you have as for sure they are using cloudflare

PS screenshots are not tested from Brazil it’s from usa or canada I think, and I have 35ms from same location!


Rail can potentially improve performance (definite possibility we’ll send fewer bytes over the wire). Also depending on your config it may be helpful if you’re using A records for your origin target as those will resolve faster when Cloudflare has to do a lookup to figure out how to get to your origin.

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