Response time is increasing when concurrent users are increasing when cloudflare cache is on

I have a wordpress website were only object caching and cloudflare cache everything is on when I do load testing using I see that after 150 concurrent users the response time I increase whereas the response time should be stable as the cache is hit and it’s a static page even if the concurrent users are more. Is it expected behaviour?

Expected behaviour as underlying CPU cores/threads are limited on the servers processing requests. As the the ratio of concurrent requests to CPU threads gets higher, so does the latency response time of the requests. Same principle applies to any server processing requests.

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Thanks to cloudflare that my site of 1 GB Memory / 1 AMD vCPU can handle 10,000 Requests per second with average of 18 milliseconds of response time

I even don’t know if it can handle more but that was the limit for free plan in

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