Response Header Modification Rule doesn't work for any traffic

I created a rule for transforming response headers from the server, but it doesn’t work correctly.

tell me what I’m doing wrong?

You are using “URI Full”, which per the example just under the field expects a full URI, not just the path.

Select just the path in the field type and you’ll be good.


Thanks for the advice!
But as you can see, the condition is “contains”. But in my case, even if I set

When incoming requests match = All incoming requests
it also doesn’t work

You are right, totally missed this.

I’m, gonna have to ask you to provide an URL, then, because I see no actual issues…

Dumb question, but everything looks ok to me…

Is the actual rule enabled? :sweat_smile:

rule enabled. dns proxy - enabled. All fine for me too. but doesn’t work )

Yeah… it’s weird. I have been discussing it with a member of Support, too.

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Ok, thanks to some help, the issue here is that your domain is configured via SSL for SaaS which prevents you from using Transform Rules…

The rule is correct, but it won’t work :sweat_smile:


but we not use SSL for SaaS

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