Resources no longer served via Cloudflare after switch to HTTPS



Hi all,

I recently installed a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on my domain via my host (SiteGround) and enforced HTTPS on my site ( The switch to HTTPS has worked fine, but since then it seems that Cloudflare has stopped serving many of the resources (particularly images) that it used to.

I’ve checked repeatedly using GTmetrix and various other speed tests, and the site takes a good second or two longer to load now, largely because several images and js resources are being requested from my host rather than the Cloudflare servers. Bizarrely, one image is still coming from Cloudflare each time, but before the switch, they were all provided by the CDN. I’ve tried purging everything in Cloudflare’s cache in the hope that it would all be re-cached, but this doesn’t seem to have helped. I’ve also double-checked the caching set-up with SiteGround, but everything looks normal there.

Could I have configured things incorrectly, or do I need to instruct Cloudflare to serve those resources again now I’m using a different protocol?

Many thanks in advance!


It’s looking good to me. Maybe it was something that was cached. Just to be sure, I’d flush any cache you have on your site as well as here at Cloudflare.

From your description, it was a mixed content issue from old URLs which looks to have been cleared up.


Thanks for this – I’ve cleared both caches and will test again.

Cloudflare support have also suggested that it may have been because I’m signed up through SiteGround, and am therefore on a ‘partial setup’ with the service. As a result, Cloudflare apparently doesn’t cover my root domain (ie. the version without the www prefix), but will work on the www subdomain. I’ve fixed my redirects so the www version is the preferred url, and I’ll see if that makes a difference.