Resources blocked

Hi everyone, hope you are well. I have a very strange issue that one of my websites is facing. Some resources on the homepage is not loading. When I inspect in Chrome, they hardly load. I take note that the website was in cloudflare once but removed years ago. After checking with one of our developers, he said that the rocket_loader module is causing this. However, the site is not using Cloudflare. Any pointers what might be happening or is this just generic cache ? Site in question is
(check the slider, images does not load and also the Call to action just above the footer, image on the left does not load).

Thank you.

I am afraid that is not correct. As you pointed out, your site is not using Cloudflare, so Rocket Loader is not used in the first place.

Thanks Sandro, I figured as much. Thanks for the clarification! have a good day

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