Resolving issue with cached pages and Geo location tool

I have added a tool to our website that can restrict pricing from being displayed when pages are being accessed from certain Geo locations. The restriction is limited to only certain pages. I am running into an issue that because some of these pages are cached within Cloudflare, the customers in those locations often get a cached page that includes pricing. Our new tool has no opportunity to work since the traffic does not come to our site but rather to a Cloudflare cached page. Is it possible to restrict caching only on certain pages of our site? If so, where is the best resource to use?

Cloudflare doesn’t cache pages by default. How did you enable page caching? Was it with a Page Rule, or APO (Automatic Platform Optimization)?

We just have it turned on from the main menu selection on the Dashboard. Since I posted my original question, I have looked around a bit and see that I can set up specific page rules per URL – one of which is “bypass”. If I am understanding what I am seeing, then hopefully this will be a solution to my problem. Thanks for being willing to assist.

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