Resolving Hostname to IP Address

I am trying to validate the IP address of my site to add it to DNSWL. My IP address ( successfully resolves into the hostname (, but the reverse is apparently not true, and that prevents me from validating the IP address. My Cloudflare DNS settings say that points to 456.456.456.456, so what other setting(s) should I be looking to?

Because Cloudflare is a reverse proxy, it basically throws a firewall up in front of your server. That “firewall” has the IP address of a Cloudflare server. This is only supposed to be done for web servers.

Typically, your mail server is a separate machine that has a DNS entry at Cloudflare that’s set to :grey:. Hopefully this is a case where you can click on the :orange: and change it to :grey: and then everything will be fine.


That worked perfectly. Thank you.


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