Resolving Host after pointing website to Cloudflares DNS

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I’ve recently pointed a few of my websites to cloudflare’s DNS, but one of the websites keeps saying resolving host, while the website in fact can be seen live. Can anybody help me out solving the issue? I suppose it has something to do with the DNS, but I’m kind of new to all this, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Your domain’s DNSSEC configuration seems to be broken

Disable it at your registrar’s and configure it from scratch.

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Hi Sandro,

Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

I accidently used the algorythm rsa-sha256 instead of ecdsa curve p-256 with sha-256 within the dnssec settings of my hosting provider. It has been 30 minutes since I last updated them, so I guess I will have to wait a litlle longer to see if the problem persists.

It was a bit confusing when I was reading about how to set up dnssec. Just to be sure; I only have to add the dnssec values within the dnssec settings of my hosting provider, correct? Or do I also have to add a DS record to my DNS?

Thanks in advance!

Double check that all the values you entered really match. According to the check above your configuration is still off. The DS record at your registrar still does not seem to match what Cloudflare provided.

Once again, thanks a lot Sandro.

It was indeed the ttl that was keeping it from displaying correctly. Dnssec is now active on the domain, and the website is visible.

However, the question still remains why the browser is saying resolving host? The website is visible, but hangs on around 60% for a couple of seconds, before displaying all the content… Must have something to do with the DNS right?

In addition to my previous reply

See this speedtest from GT Metrics;

All is working well, but the website used to load within 2 seconds, now 5. Any ideas what could cause this?

I started this topic because of the resolving host issue. I therefore tried to add the dnssec, hoping this would solve the problem. But now that dnssec is turned on, we can now confirm that the website is still resolving host. How to solve this?

Yes, DNSSEC seems to be correct now.

Thats a delay from your server. That is something you need to clarify yourself, with whomever maintains the site, or your host. You seem to run Wordpress and that is a common thing when it hasnt be properly configured. You can run a search online or also here, as every third poster here complains about their server not performing :wink: but that issue itself is not really Cloudflare related I am afraid. Simply do an online search for how to optimise a Wordpress setup.

Another thing, you include a third party image which points to a non-responsive server


That can also slow down the requests.

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