Resolver changing bing results

This makes no sense to me either. When searching bing while using dns the results are not what expected. In particular when searching for my own website it shows no results. Even a lookup using it shows no results. However when I switch to my mobile network everything is as normal. How can your dns affect the contents of a search engine index I hear you ask. No idea I answer but this may be affecting other domains. How can bing say we don’t exist?

This happens in all browsers, signed in or out and incognito mode too.

The only possibility occurring to me is that bing gives you different search content based on your perceived location (some companies do that, to some extent) – and that they rely on the DNS layer for that (feels fragile to me, but I guess they have their reasons).

Even so, that doesn’t explain why they “fail” in your particular case, and especially the part “how can bing say” is more of a question for bing…