[resolved] Workers Sites: Billed like Workers or Pages?

I was in the process of adding interactivity to my Cloudflare Pages site with Cloudflare Workers when Workers Sites came along. At first it seemed like an answer to the awkwardness of deploying Workers alongside Pages, but then I started investigating more closely.

Do I understand correctly that all requests to Cloudflare Workers sites, even for static assets, count against your Workers and KV quotas? I was under the impression that it was a more intelligent way to manage my current setup of Pages + a few Workers here and there, but the more I read the more that seems like a misunderstanding. The docs say nothing about this one way or another. I had to go into the announcement blog post, where a single obtuse references drops a hint to that effect:

Workers Sites leverages the power of Workers and Workers KV by allowing developers to upload their sites directly to the edge, and closer to the end users.

Yes that is true for Workers Sites since it cannot know if you’re intending to just serve static assets or if you’re manipulating them in some way.

As for Workers alongside Pages, we have Functions! Functions are natively integrated into Pages so right in your repo and deployed at the same time. Functions is currently in beta but you can learn more here: https://developers.cloudflare.com/pages/platform/functions

Note: Due to Functions being in beta, the default request limit is 100,000 a day with no billing yet. If you need this limit increased please request it here:

Also note: all requests will also count to Functions currently just like Workers Sites. This is something that will be addressed before GA. For now, you can always request an increase!

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Wow. The fragmentation in Cloudflare’s “I serve static stuff from edge nodes”/“I serve non-static stuff from edge nodes” space turns out to be a bit ridiculous. I’m getting deep “we ship our org chart” vibes here.

Anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.