[Resolved] What if CrazyDomains keep rejecting my transfer request?

I’ve tried 2 times already to get my domain transferred from Crazydomains to Cloudflare. First time, they said the email on the domain was different, so I updated it. The second time, I just got an email from Cloudflare saying Crazydomains had rejected my request and then on accessing my account on CrazyD’s I couldn’t see my domain, it wasn’t in my dashboard. I spent over an hour with their online bot trying to get it fixed. Then they said “now you can re-apply”. It’s never been this difficult with other providers.

What can I do if they continue to mess it up?

Turns out that I needed to change the DNS to Cloudflares generic ones. I have a business account, so was using the custom DNS options with the Cloudflare IP’s. I assumed that counted, but I was wrong.

[Egg on face]

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