[RESOLVED] Still waiting for NS record confirmation after about a week

Is there anything else that I can do if my nameserver changes haven’t been confirmed on Cloudflare even way after the suggested 72 hours?

I know there are no copy/paste errors because the records were updated programmatically. If I check on https://www.whatsmydns.net/ I see that the records are correctly updated on all but two sites, but I don’t know if there’s anything I can do about that. FWIW, my registrar is Route 53.

Is that typical? Can I do something else on my side?

Just to confirm, had you updated the NS records in Route 53 in the “Domains” tab or the “Hosted zones” tab?


Maybe your interface, if your provider is using WHMCS, you have to first check the “rounded” button (radio checkbox button as HTML), and then enter the new nameservers.

Otherwise, if you just enter the new nameservers and click “Update / Save” without first checking the “rounded” button (radio checkbox button as HTML) it would not update them.

Also, before switching to new nameservers, if you have access to your current DNS records, try to lower the TTL from the value to 300 if that helps.

If done correctly, purge the Cloudflare DNS cache for the considered domain, then go to Cloudflare dashboard and click “re-check nameservers” button via URL:

Go for NS, then SOA (if available), A, AAAA, CNAME.

Other purge tools for Google and OpenDNS:

Depending on your current registar and SOA value for TTL, could be 1 hour to 24 hours to apply the change.

Is DNSSEC enabled? That will prevent activation unless configured with Cloudflare DNSSEC. Best to turn DNSSEC off at registrar, activate, then configure with Cloudflare.

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Ahhh I think @Judge is correct. I updated the NS records on the hosted zone, but the name servers on the “Domain” are still set to the AWS ones. I’ll change that and wait, and I’ll report back here.

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Yeah, it was that. Thank you folks!


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