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if i want to add to, that is , i have primarydomain on wordpress but blog on blogspot, i did following:

  1. added google A records to coudflare ( earlier they were on host)

  2. added mysubdomain as custom domain on blogspot

3.cleared cache/used incognito, and waited 48 hours mutiple times, but i get this error

going mad - reading forums but no help. pls suggest


The image indicates you don’t have DNS records for that subdomain. If you post the subdomain, we can take a closer look. Or post a screenshot of your DNS page with the IP addresses obscured.


I am not sure if community guidelines allow or posting links, so i did not.

  1. shows google DNS records on namesilo. I had first put them all on cloudflare, and it simply wouldnt work.
  2. The primary domain is on coudflare nd works well, but the blog with settings as in 1 were on cludflre for 2 weeks, and didnot work, so imoved them ll to domain provider yesterday.
    Let me know - and i will move them back to cloudflare.
  3. Do I need to do any settings on page rules for the blog ( articles in my case)
    I had http set to https on page rules.
    Is that correct, or anythign else needs to be done?
    Thanks in advance

If your domain is on Cloudflare, all subdomains also need to be here also.

Blogger/Blogspot typically uses CNAME records for custom (sub)domains. I believe this is how to do it:

  1. I have re-placed blogspot subdomain on cloudflare ( remember? It was right here iniitlaly for 2 weeks before i moved it back to domain provider) - its now back:
  2. CNAME check confirms pointing to cloudflare and orange louds are on - should they be of for blogspot? pic:
  3. google also want you to put CNAME or TXT - shoudl those be also on cloudflare or should they be with the domain provider ( right now, they are on cloudflare)

All DNS should on Cloudflare’s dashboard. The only things at the registrar are Name Servers and DNSSEC config.

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yes i had done all the settings but my blog would still not show UNTIL I turned the orange cloud off. It works now :slight_smile:Thank you everyone who pitched in to help :slight_smile:

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