Resolve www.domain error showing on my page

Im getting an error that my is unresolved and to set up a CName. here is the screen shot

I think in field one I choose CName in field two I put but what do I put in field 3?

Thanks very much for your assistance.

Hi @edferrigan, great #Tutorials on adding, editing & enabling DNS start here, The DNS Tab.

I’d name the CNAME www, target, ttl as auto, and set to :orange:.

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here is the error that comes up when I do that:

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Content for CNAME record is invalid

Here is a screen shot to make sure I understood what you were telling me.

never mind. Found my error. I forgot the .com at the end of my name. Thanks so much! Not sure why I have such a block around understanding how this works.

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What exactly is it that is unclear? Maybe we can untangle that :slight_smile:

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LOL I wish I could nail it down to one thing. For example, there is a hosting platform that says I need to use a www URL to set up the redirect to my, never had anyone tell me that. In another instance I can direct traffic through a subdomain instead of using their domain. I think I now understand that one. “subdomain” This latest example (www) is clarifying options further so I will keep learning as these come to me based on examples already provided. Thanks again. Im slowly getting unconfused.

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