Resolve the compatibility issue with Ezoics DNS records and Cloudflare records

I don’t know if the community can help me with this but last week I was having compatibility issues with DNS records between Cloudflare and Ezoic. They fixed it on their end but it is now happening again and they told me to reach out to Cloudflare. Here is what the rep said: “As you mentioned I did resolve the compatibility issue with Ezoics DNS records and Cloudflare records last time. However the error seemed to be occur again. I fixed it again on our end, but I will leave the ticket open and have an eye on the setup. Could you please have a close look at your site for next day, if you see any ads not showing or revenue drop again, please reach out, as it might be that the problem needs to be solved with Cloudflare.”

As long as Ezoic has access to your Cloudflare account, they can make unwanted changes to your DNS records. If they can’t fix it, then I suggest you change your account password and reset any API keys you have here.

They fixed it once on their end and now it is happening again. I have the free Cloudflare subscription so I can’t file a report ticket. I thought maybe that Cloudflare tech support monitors this community .I could look into the issue more if I understood what was happening on both ends.

Did you change your password and reset API keys as I recommended?

I’m going to look into it. Thanks so much!

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