Resolve redirect loop (too many redirects) errors

On my WordPress site I changed the URLs in General Setting from http: to https:. Now I can’t access my site. I put in a ticket several days ago but have not received a response from CloudFare. Any suggestions as to what to do will be appreciated. How long does it usually take to get a response & do you have any suggestions on how I access my site.

How long it takes depends on the Plan you have.
Free, then 2-3 days
Pro, then 1 day
Business, then some hours
Enterprise, then directly/as fast as possible

If you do have a redirection Loop, please first provide us with some more infos about what you CloudFlare settings are:

What SSL-Mode?
Is Always HTTPS on?
What is the Domain/URL?

1 Like is the site and I can’t answer the other questions as I can’t access my site.

Sites need to be working with HTTPS before they’re added to Cloudflare. If your host doesn’t have a certificate for your site, hopefully they can let you install one from Cloudflare:


I purchased the domain through GoDaddy but moved it to CloudFlare for the security designation. My understanding it’s now hosted on CloudFlare so shouldn’t CloudFlare be able to access the site?

If security is important, you need to begin by securing the origin.

Sorry, Cloudflare is not a website host. It’s just a proxy for your existing website.

If I remember correctly, I changed the nameserver to CloudFlare. As a non-tech I’m not sure what that means. What I need to know is who, CloudFlare or GoDaddy, can access my site and get me access to it.

Hi @gwrob, the nameserver change means that cloudflare acts as an intermediary and we guide traffic to your site, but your site is still located at godaddy as @sdayman mentioned.

You don’t need to test this, I just did on your site, using the first quick fix idea in this tip you can confirm the redirect that @M4rt1n asked about is happening on your origin , Community Tip - Fixing ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS.

When I ran the command to your origin (at godaddy), I received a reply indicating there is a redirect in place on the origin.

The solution, as mentioned above and in this article, is If currently set to Flexible, update to Full if you have an SSL certificate configured at your origin web server.


thank you

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