Resolve problems

Hi i’m getting a lot of dns-resolving issues in the last week
this is an one example

Does any one knows something about problems like this?

Works fine for me


Non-authoritative answer:
Addresses:  2001:40a8:3:ff16:0:1921:1800:8010

However that might be a timing issue. Does it always fail for you or only occasional requests?

One thing I noticed about that particular domain is, that it announces more nameservers than it actually configured at the registry, but that shouldnt necessarily be an issue. Which other domains do not work either?

Can you also post the output of these commands?

nslookup -class=chaos -type=txt id.server

powershell "(Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing -Uri '' -Headers @{'Accept' = 'application/dns-json'}).RawContent"

Hi here is the output that i’ve got from these commands

At least via DoH you seem to be able to resolve it. However, that doesnt go to the Israelian datacentre, but to London instead. There could be an issue with TLV.

And if you run nslookup again, it still doesnt work?

Also, what about

It might be best to simply contact support about this.