Resloving to wrong site?

I just added a web site to my Cloudflare account and tries to add ssl.
It started resolving to a totally different URL - Panic…
I can’t access the wp-admin as its leading to the admin of the wrong site
I’ve disabled (Paused CF) and still no access
Ive changed the nameservers back to my own hostin and I’m hoping when it propagates that I’ll get access back.
Any tips? is my site
its going here - wtf???

Thanks for any help

Did you just change something? I also got bco, but when I tried a second time I got your site.

I’ve switched browsers, cleared everything, and it’s still looking good.

If I disable the plugin and paude Cloudflare after swithing att the ssl and https off the site goes back to normal - have no idea why, still working on it

Hmm, your site currently resolves to Cloudflare and it does load just fine via HTTPS.

Yep, the hosting company installed a self signed cert and that seems to have fixed it

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Hmm, that should be unrelated but if it works, it works :slight_smile:

Nonetheless, I’d still recommend to install a properly signed certificate instead of a self signed one as a self signed one could be still an attack vector.

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Dera member, just go on website builder and try it for another domain…the first should be terminated and then start for another we will get in touch with you even as Cloudflare members…

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