Resizing images and caching results?



To improve performance I would like to resize images on demand regarding request GET parameters such as here:

Could workers enable me to do that and cache the result?




I was just looking into this and found:
Just requested Cloudflare to enable it for my zone. :slight_smile:

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Just got a response back:

The Beta for our new image resizing feature is only open to Enterprise customer.
It will be made available to all customers on our Business and Enterprise plan later in the Q2 of this year.

For me I guess that’s still some more waiting todo then… :frowning: But for enterprise customers, go check it out. :slight_smile:



You could use:

  • image resizing service, only available to Enterprise, for now.
  • WebAssembly in a Cloudflare Worker
  • Use an external service like Cloudinary,, imgix and use Cloudflare worker to cache the assets.
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There’s also ShortPixel which cost much less than the previous alternatives. They do resizing, compression, lossless compression, color conversion and has a very simple REST API that works excellent with Workers (we use it in our site-builder).

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