Resetting Cloudflare configuration as a non-customer

Hi, I purchased a domain from a third party and upon connecting to my Shopify store, noticing that their is a an SSL conflict causing an error page for some site visitors. I’ve been told by Shopify that they used Cloudflare servers, and it appears that there is some existing configuration at Cloudflare with the new domain I’ve purchased. Anyone have Contact with Cloudflare or know of a solution? Both Shopify and the third party domain provider are unable to make these changes and have told me it has to happen from Cloudflare.

For customer support ref “> > * "Fwd: Your enquiry (04885371) has been updated.

This is correct.

That doesn’t look like a Cloudflare ticket.

Unfortunately the community is unable to assist you with issues such as this where an old provider used Cloudflare for SaaS. Please contact your old provider and ask them to remove any Cloudflare configurations for your domain, specifically SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostnames.

It looks like you’ve already opened a ticket and it’s been escalated.

2317705 was the cloudflare ticket . Christine from customer support told me to write that specific phrase on the enquiry. We’ve been back and fourth with cloudflare and our domain provider / shopify for a while now and they’re adamant it needs to be changes ON cloudflare. They don’t have access, and neither do we as the new owner of the domain (with no existing paid subscription to Cloudflare). Please help!

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