Reset to Default Settingss

CF was working, now I’m not seeing any reference to cf_cache_status in response headers.

How do I reset all settings to their default values?

I’ve seen some old posts where the answer was you can’t, but i can’t believe in 2022 that there is no way to do this.

Hi there!

Are you by any chance using Cloudflare Workers? Responses created by a worker won’t include the Cf-Cache-Status header as Cloudflare Workers run before the cache.

Otherwise could you let us know the domain so we can take a look?

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Hey there!

Thx for the quick reply!

Not using workers.

The subdomain is pointing to Cloudflare’s IPs :orange: .

$ dig +noall +answer   14282   IN      CNAME 182 IN A 182 IN A

But the domain apex is unproxied :grey:.

$ dig +noall +answer       14214   IN      A       XXX.XXX.XXX.34

This is why the Cf-Cache-Status is not present in responses on - the domain is simply not using Cloudflare. I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


New to CDN’s. I set this up via my hosting service. Sounds like that process failed…?

CNAME setups like yours can’t be done on the root domain, so usually the partner will redirect traffic to www, which is configured with Cloudflare.

You should reach out to them with any questions about this as the integration will be managed by them.


I will reach out to them.

But just to clarify - do I need to configure the A record(s) and not the CNAME records? just has an A record (I presume pointing to your host). and www has the CNAME to Cloudflare. You will probably just want to configure a redirect from your root domain to www so that the traffic goes through the Cloudflare proxy on www.

Now I’m really confused.

My hosting tech supp had me simply repoint the DNS from their servers to cloudfare using a full zone setup in cpanel.

In the cpanel cloudfare domain overview:

  • CF is not setup for (using CNAME)

When attempting to access:

  • - no response
  • - responds, but extremely slow

In chrome inspector:

  • cf-cache-status is missing for both url’s

Notwithstanding propagation delays, I’m guessing a few key step(s) were missed:

  • should the CNAME entry for be active in the CF domain overview?