Reset the ban list to default?!


Long time ago at /firewall/tools (IP Access Rules) i’ve blocked a list of ASN some of them were made in All websites on this account however after being active with domains i’ve seen that some ppl cannot connect to my site because they were banned,

So what i’m asking for is if is possible to remove all of these and leave only the default ones so remove all my changes (Banned asn/ips) from it without creating a new account!

some ideas how to reach this?!


There are no defaults. The only ‚default‘ is set by you, if you have chosen ‚all websites on this account‘.

Or what do you mean by default?

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When you open a cloudflare account if you go to /firewall/tools there will be some ASNs or IPs banned or whitelisted?! that’s what i’m calling “default”

or isn’t a problem if i just delete everything?!


You can delete the rules. Remember that, if you delete a rule that covers your account, you will have to set it up again for all remaining sites separately, if you still need a rule for other domains on your account.

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