Reset password

i have problem that i cannot send and receive emails and i forgot my password for login here !! and when i clicked forgot password they told me that the email was sent to your email !! what i can do now ? Please advice

From your registrar, bypass Cloudflare by pointing your NS back to your host until you get your email then switch back to fix your TXT and MX records or create a new Cloudflare account.

I don’t know how to do this can you help me please ?

Did you just sign up for Cloudflare or have you been using Cloudflare for some time and just started having problems with email?

i had a website and email was done by freelancer from 2 years ago and today i can’t send or receive an email and when i click forgot my password they told me we sent you an email with rest code but i didn’t receive any email because i have the that i cannot send or receive emails so i signed up with new email and now how i can make every thing ok ?

What is the domain?

now i changed the NS and i can send an email but i cannot receive emails

Try to resend yourself an email now. If you can receive, go to the Cloudflare control panel, reset the password then point your NS back to Cloudflare.

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