Reset my password for my hosting, previously through Cpanel

Hi i bough the hosting from Cpanel to my website through yoursite , it was created by a guy i paid money to do me the website , now I am trying to enter to my site it shows error and offsite !! Tried to contact Cpanel told me to contact Godaddy where i bough my domain , and they told me to contact Cloudflare as mentioned you are the server in order to get my site back and enter my site !!! As my password is not working where I also tried to reset still not working!
Kindly i need you support to get access to my site.
My domain is :

I also get incorrect replies from godaddy. They should have directed you to contact

That person should be able to assist you with issues related to the site they built for you, Cloudflare cannot

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The guy made me the site took the money and vanished i can not reach him … Godaddy only have my domain , in my account it says the server is Cloudflare so they told me the only way to get my site back is to contact Cloudflare as it is hosting my site

Ugh, sorry about that experience I know that is a pain.

Cloudflare is not hosting your site, nor is cf your domain registrar, we simply sit between your host and your site visitors to protect the site.

Using whois, I can see that your domain registrar is godaddy and I can see you are in the process of adding the site to the account you are using here. If you login at and select a plan type you will be asked to change your nameservers to the two assign to the account you are using here. Godaddy has an online interface to specify nameservers, change from the two that are there to just the two that are assigned to your account.

But, you’ll need to determine who is hosting your site. The most efficient route to do this if your site designer will not corporate is to check your credit card receipts and see whom you are paying to host your site, it is probably a recurring monthly charge that goes back as long/far as you’ve had the site, although the hosting provider can change over time (based on your or the designers decisions).

A helpful tool to help pinpoint this is securitytrails, to look at the historical IP addresses used for the A records. For your site that is It looks like godaddy also hosted the site starting about 4 months ago. I do not know/cannot guess who is currently hosting the site.

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