Reset DNS Settings

Hey guys,

I got a massive problem and didn’t find any solution within topic search.

A few weeks ago I purchased a domain on I created a Cloudflare Account imported the settings and everything was fine…until I forgot the Login for this Cloudflare Account.

I could not reset my password because I did not enter an MX Entry in the DNS settings (I’m a newbie) and so I could not receive any mails.

Cloudflare support was not very helpful because I didn’t even get an answer which could resolve my problem.

So…I created a new cloudflare account and imported the same website again. Unfortunately all of my DNS settings are gone (the DNS settings in GoDaddy Dashboard doesn’t work in Cloudflare --> I cannot reach my website and I really don’t know what to do now.

Does anybody have a solution?

You’ll need to find your server’s IP in GoDaddy’s dashboard or ask their support to get the IP, and restore any A DNS records from that. Cloudflare doesn’t load DNS from websites already on CF since that would mean an attacker could figure out the IP of the website and DDOS it.

Alternatively, you could temporarily change the nameservers to GoDaddy (Or another service that provides email forwarding/emails) to receive emails at the first CF account’s email address and send a forgot password email then to get into the first account.

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