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I Have Delated all Dns Record - How i Can reset for default DNS of cloudflare ?

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There is no such thing as:

You will need to determine what DNS records you need and what their values should be. Once you have consulted your host to assemble that list, you can then create the necessary records.


Hello dear
i can do this alone can you help me pls ?

all my data is ;

  • my domain from namecheap

  • was conected with ( as e-commerce site
    now how i can set up all DNS records as before removing ?

Review your audit logs. Find the name of the record you deleted, the type and the value. Create new records which correspond to those values using the DNS control panel.


i try but i can not

Have you located the audit logs for your account?

yes i have

If the record existed in Cloudflare do you see a record of a value you deleted in the log?


i found it but i still can not use it i am not developer

That isn’t a DNS record. There is no developer level skill required. If you had a record for www which pointed to which existed in Cloudflare but was deleted the audit log would contain that data. You would create a new new following instructions from the first link in this thread with the same name and value.

Did these records exist in a cloudflare? Is that where you deleted them from? If so look through the records and find the appropriate records and recreate them. If they existed somewhere else you need to get them from there or from the provider of your hosting services.


The will be labeled as “Rec del” entries in your log, assuming that you are using English in your dashboard.


Also does not appear to be using Cloudflare nameservers. So this data and whatever issues you are having should probably be resolved with whoever is hosting your DNS.


great i got it but there last step to set up records
how i can get values of record ?
to know my domain from namecheap and connected with ( e-commerce interface like shopify)

yes now i changed dns until resolve issues ?

Now i using dns of Cloudflare how i can check all requeued records is completed ?

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