Reset Cloudflare

How do I reset Cloudflare? if not, how do I delete it and all of its data?
Thank you very much

Reset, in which sense?

To delete the website you can either switch the nameservers to someone else’s (it will get deleted in ~7 days) or delete the website altogether from the dashboard.

Reset from scratch
Since I think there is a wrong configuration on Cloudflare on my site, so I want to reset it and re-add it, how do I do it?

There is no reset button. To actually delete all of the config files you need to delete the site and re-add it after a while.

What issues are you seeing that hints at a wrong configuration?

Then, if I delete my site, is that the same as resetting it?
And how long do I have to wait before I can add my site back?

Yes, you need to wait 7 to 10 days normally. Why don’t you just tell me the error you are facing?

If I have waited 7-10 days, and I re-add my site, will it be configured automatically because the settings for the previous domain were removed? which could cause the same problems?
I’ve listed the problem here: The scheduled event has failed

Sorry, why is there no answer?

Because the solution was provided and on the other thread someone else was already replying and giving you the solution… the error isn’t from Cloudflare, so you won’t fine the answer here.

Nothing is configured automatically, you’ll get the default settings. From the quick look I gave to the other thread it seems like nothing you can do here can solve things.