Reset Account / Domain

Seem to be getting quite a few questions on the community about resetting accounts/domains to default, would this be a feature that would be considered?

Could reset all the main settings and DNS records to the original ones scanned and maybe have another option to reset by time frame, e.g. Reset to settings 1 week ago, if the user changes a bunch of settings and breaks something, they can roll back.

I can only imagine the endless headaches from this. A complete reset would decimate the zone due to DNS loss. DNS is often the problem and resetting everything else isn’t going to fix it. Or it’s a server issue and a Cloudflare reset isn’t going to fix it. A user would learn so much more by tracking down the problem.

My preference would be an import/export of all settings so I could make my own backups. This should be common practice for anyone running a website.


I agree… But unfortunately, it isn’t always the case!


Hence my thought of

But might just be having mad thoughts!