Reset 2FA support ticket

Hi, I dropped my mobile phone and lost access to my 2FA.

Could please somebody from Cloudflare check if my ticket #2023437 has been assigned to a human being? I replied to an auto-reply a week ago.

Cloudflare is the last account I need to recover, and I hope somebody can help me out :grin:

This calls for @cloonan to check!


Thank you, @matteo. Sorry for the issues, @user1996. The ticket is assigned and I’ve just added myself to it. I don’t know if support can work with the reply you provided, I believe they have an automation to check for the particular strings & domains in order to verify. Will keep an eye on progress.


Thanks for the feedback @cloonan.
I wonder if it is normal to not hear anything from support for two weeks. If it is, maybe Cloudflare should offer paid support for free users.