Reset 2FA support ticket

Hi, I dropped my mobile phone and lost access to my 2FA.

Could please somebody from Cloudflare check if my ticket #2023437 has been assigned to a human being? I replied to an auto-reply a week ago.

Cloudflare is the last account I need to recover, and I hope somebody can help me out :grin:

This calls for @cloonan to check!


Thank you, @matteo. Sorry for the issues, @user1996. The ticket is assigned and I’ve just added myself to it. I don’t know if support can work with the reply you provided, I believe they have an automation to check for the particular strings & domains in order to verify. Will keep an eye on progress.


Thanks for the feedback @cloonan.
I wonder if it is normal to not hear anything from support for two weeks. If it is, maybe Cloudflare should offer paid support for free users.

Well, I even tried getting my phone repaired - just for Cloudflare.

Google refused to repair it since fixing it would be more expensive than reparing it (not only the screen is broken, but also USB data - charging still works).

So yeah, I’m out of luck.

Maybe in the future you can consider Authy app instead of Google Authenticator - Authy allows you to sync with the cloud.

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Thanks for the advice! I learned my lesson - I thought Google Authenticator is also included in my Android backup, but I was wrong.

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Hi i have same problem now…

Can i re-take my recovery codes ?
Because i format my phone and app and all recovery codes deleted.
How can i re-log in my account ?
My web pages etc.

Which steps i follow now ?
Can i use my phone number message or call ? it is online…

Can you email support AT cloudflare DOT com and lmk the ticket number you get back? Email from the account that owns the domain.

i will do it thank you very much…

Hi, i send it and bot send us a mail and change meta. we are add at all meta-data all web pages.
But any response didn’t happen, and we send again a mail, and bot send us changed meta-data.

We should change again cloudflare meta data ?

I have a similar problem if anybody can help me with resetting 2FA

I cannot access my servers to complete verification.

But I don’t understand supports next instructions:

We are still showing your user account is the super admin on an account with all the sites listed. We cannot proceed forward until your account is not associated with any zone/sites.

What does he mean my account is super admin? This is my only account, and I need to access my sites so why should they not be associated, and how do I disassociate it if I can’t login?

TICKET: 2272506