Reserved IP unable to proxy

i keep getting a error message 9004 when try to proxy the A portion of my DNS records no analytics can come through on cloudlfare

  1. What exact IP address are you having these issues with?

  2. What exactly is the goal of attempting to proxy that specific IP address?

If you simply need to use Cloudflare functionality such as e.g. redirects, but don’t need the host name to point to an actual server, you can just use the IPv6 discard prefix for that, which would be added like this:

Type: AAAA
Name: @, or
IPv6 address: 100::
Proxy status: :orange: Proxied:.

Substitute @, or with the specific record name(s).

So im using namecheap for hosting and i can’t proxy the A portion. keep getting a 9004 error code

Question #1 remains unanswered as you blurred the “Content”, … will you at least share what it starts with (e.g. for, share minimum 10.20, but preferably 10.20.30)?

I also see no attempts to provide context to question #2.

Hosting services won’t be running on reserved IP address ranges, so something seems incorrect in your configuration.

You likely need to contact Namecheap, and ask them for the correct IP address(es) to use.

It’s a Shopify IP. You can’t proxy those because Shopify uses Cloudflare for SaaS. Their account takes priority for that hostname.

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so shopify users are unable to use cloudflare?

Shopify users are always using Cloudflare. They use Shopify’s Cloudflare for SaaS account. This does limit access to some Cloudflare features on the hostnames that point to Shopify.

There is a Community Tutorial that explains in more detail.

i feel like im dealing with a minor DDOS attack and i have no other options to firewall it what should i do as a solution since i cant use any of cloudflare’s services

and even if i used namecheap for hosting this would happen?

Have you engaged with Shopify in an effort to address your concerns? If you are actually experiencing a DDoS, I would expect that mitigating it would be a mutual concern.

so many reps i spoken to they are clueless they tell me “oh its normal for a user to appear on your site everyday under a different IPv6” its damaging how my sales and customer engagement this been going on since april

this is the culprit and everyday they come to the site i use Klaviyo to see users interactions and this particular email comes every single day ip address changes every single day they don’t respond to emails nothing. very frustrating.

92 times is excessive no?

No and it definitely does not qualify as a DDoS attack.

Cloudflare Learning Center

What is a DDoS attack?

Shopify support is correct in their statement that the same user can frequently have a different IPv6 address. IPv6 privacy extensions provide for the issuance of temporary IPv6 addresses. It is normal for the same device to rotate IPv6 addresses often.

My only recommendation is to not over-scrutinize your logs if you value your sanity.

that i understand but this isn’t human behavior my friend

I am honestly at a loss as to what you even perceive to be the problem here.

I don’t know what

is supposed to mean or why

even matters.

Maybe someone with a better grasp on your perspective will see this topic an chime in.

I don’t mean to sound disinterested or unhelpful. I just genuinely don’t understand your concern here. That is rather limiting to extent of anything further I can contribute presently.

No. I visit that much most mornings before I have coffee. Even if it is excessive in your view Shopify should be able to handle hundreds of thousands, if not millions of visitors a day.

Like I’m also unclear how it could damage sales or customer engagement. The admin at jbugs might wonder why I keep looking at parts for my car but never buy anything… but some day when I have $$$ burning a hole in my pocket I might buy my ride something pretty. Until then :person_shrugging: they have an ecommerce site and I may have a better than average understanding of their inventory.

That doesn’t sound clueless, it sounds entirely accurate and in line with what any other website owner would see. You may not like the answer, but it’s spot on.


Listen its hard to explain. Especially when you watch how things changed. To the normal eye it seems like its normal. but to visit a page everyday and no activity no nothing cmon guys i know i’m not losing my mind here. you don’t scroll, visit other pages, don’t look at product etc,…let’s be serious in a span of 3 months you’ve been on the site for 92 times… everyone’s personal perspective is different. At the end of the day i don’t want this particular individual on my site.

Assuming that it is even possible, it is something that will need to be sorted on the Shopify platform.

I don’t know if the Shopify Community will have any insight, but it is probably worth asking over there if this is that important to you.

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