Reseller out of Business

Hi Guys,

We run a small IT shop west QLD Australia. I have had a customer come in to get emails working again. From what I can see, it looks like the previous IT company (that has gone out of business) hosted their DNS and possibly a website on Cloudflare? NS is pointing towards Cloudflare, and there are no DNS records reported from queries.

The client needs to regain access to her emails, website, etc. I have no idea what account this would even be put under, no idea how to access it, and why you would even point a small business through Cloudflare.

The previous IT is out of business and disappeared off the face of the earth to avoid creditors, So we can’t reach out to them either.

Cloudflare does not host websites. Your best bet is to change name servers at the customer’s Domain Registrar to point at where their site is really hosted.

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That is kind of what I thought however DNS history on the domain has the a record pointed to a CF address.

That’s often the idea. Keep the origin IP address to help prevent direct attacks. Your best bet is to start with the registrar to take control of the do,Ian, and then get a history of previous name servers that should point you to the host.

Right sorry;

NS records are currently pointed to SF
A records point toward A record that SF manage
aaaa record As Above
MX go to outlook.

No other NS records are showing in history that I can find.

I’m not sure what SF is. You could try emailing ‘support AT cloudflare DOT com’ and explain the situation. I don’t know how you’d prove domain ownership, though. You really need to pursue this through the domain registrar.