Reseller Closed down need account access to export data

Hi All,

We are helping a Client. The Reseller that setup their Website many years ago has never passed over the Details for the Cloudflare setup.
This morning the site ceased to exists in Cloudflare and after checking it appears the Company that originally set this up has ceased Trading
How do we get hold of Cloudflare to discuss this issue so we can copy the Website out?
I need to enabled for 45 mins to get the Client data from it
Cloudflare will not talk to me or the Client only the reseller and they have gone out of business apparently ?

Help Please

For security and privacy reasons, only the account owner is able to share access. As you have indicated that they no longer exist, you will need to create your own Cloudflare account and create DNS records and settings that meet your requirements. I recommend that the super administrator account is held by someone a company email address and is secured with multifactor authentication.

Hi All,
Due to a few factors, the lack of support from Cloudflare being one of them the client is moving everything away from them.
We have had quite a number of clients in this situation over the years. Web Dev’s setup stuff at Cloudflare, overly complicate things and then close their business and the Clients are left to hang with Zero way to talk to Cloudflare about it

When any other provide hosts something for Domain X. All yo need to do is prove you own Domain X and they give you access to the settings
Cloudflare is special in this way. They are an individual’s who do not follow the “If you own it you can get access to it” rule

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